May 8, 2017

 My eighth birthday party was at the duck pond- on East Kings Hwy- 1973.

I’m quiet sure that this was the natural speed in which I went about this day and every day from dawn to dusk- a dead run forward! Every birthday I take time to look back and project some future goals.  Different ages and stages certainly put a new perspective on life with each passing decade. Today I show you this childlike JOY in my expression to portray my excitement about what’s to come! It is the same feeling that I have today only with much more years and learning experiences and wisdom in my life with this little blessed word called – TIME.  I love birthdays. I love celebrations with friends and I love that I get to be here another year. I never understood people who get a sense of doom, gloom or depression on their special day- that’s just…..well, not appreciative for Life. When people carry on like that the only thing that snaps them out of it is- losing what you have or losing someone you love. Then things get jolted back to reality. If we are here and get to live it- It’s a blessing.

What am I so excited about? I wish I knew. I just feel hopeful. Things are falling into place. My job is good. My family is blessed and healthy. My friends are fun to fellowship with and my faith has expanded and grown to deeper levels this past 15 years….Maybe time has something to tell. When you are in your teens- you’ve got something to prove. When you’re in your twenties you are advancing and finding and growing. The thirties  you find yourself going, going and rarely getting off that merry- go- round. Balancing is a fulltime job. The forties you are mixed with struggles and wondering all the when’s and Why’s and how’s of life…just trying to master the art of where you are and where you want to be…and now Fifties- I like it. I’m slowing down, finally. Taking time to reflect. To project. To rest and not run after things but just to observe things more. No longer do I feel like catching up with Time. But I am Walking along WITH Time. That in itself is exciting!

At some time in life we should all get to the point of – I want to. Instead of facing life as -I have to. Godliness with contentment is great gain….the Word says. I’d like to say- It’s great work to get there. I think….I know that it is seeking the Holy Spirit more in my life that keeps me in contentment and peace. I’ve learned to Let GO. That’s big! And to Let God- that’s even Bigger.

I like to Enjoy……people and myself at doing the things I enjoy-  I can eat at a restaurant or go to a park or a movie or shopping or to church BY myself and enjoy it. My joy is totally something I seek to find and feed within my own means and do not depend on circumstances to line up with this or that or others in order for me to be happy. My job is in public and I have many activities with others outside of my job. Friends are a valuable treasure and family that Love one another are a gift and blessing beyond measure. But being alone and at peace and contentment  with yourself, your God and others is priceless. 

Things l’ve learned in these many years are profitable to me and for most people that’s all they want. But I want YOU to have these treasures too. So I write, I share, I post on social media. I want to spread the WORD on How to’s……through How I do! This past week I heard a helpful list on the qualities of a good WORK ethic. And I thought yes, and a GOOD Life ethic….Because we all WORK don’t we? It’s a big part of life! So Let’s live well while we Work in this life- In whatever you do!! 

If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat. – 2 Thess. 3:10. I was raised by parents who had an excellent work ethic and married a man with an excellent work ethic with his family who modeled the same for him. My sons are exemplary in their hard work habits and I hold this in the highest regard.

Reliability- dependability… it’s just a given. You must have it. Or you won’t be trusted you won’t be financially blessed or personally blessed. We know what this is- Be where you’re supposed to be when you’re supposed to be. ALL THE TIME- consistently.

Dedication- Determination – This is about will, this is about motive of heart. What is your vision about Why you do what you do. It is doing for intrinsic reward not just monetary pay.

Productivity- Are you making progress and getting a task accomplished? And doing what you’re called to do with a good attitude? This is important as home as well as work.

Cooperation- helping and working with others. Be concerned with them instead of competitive against them. Team effort always grows the best business.

Character- this is more than having a good personality. Character is integrity. Doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. Being the same with everyone. No preferences between people and including everyone as the same. Elitism is a sin and not seeing people as uniquely different but equally important is of utmost value in a person of integerity and good character. Humility and self -respect are quatities displayed by a person of integrity. Decisions are filtered through our character. Who we are is determined by our thoughts and actions. We tend to this and we succeed in all areas of Life- Personal and professional. 

So a good Work Ethic is an example of a good Life Ethic. More and more one of the least preached on scriptures have become one of my greatest and best memories of what my mom used to say was one of her favorite. If we are concerned with what others think about us, it is important to take this one at face value and interpretive meaning.

Peter was talking to Jesus- The Resurrected Lord- he said”But , Lord what about him?” Pointing to John. And Jesus responded ….”If I will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow me.”~ John 20:21- 22

HA! In our words he is saying- what I do with others is none of your concern- You Follow Me.. This gives us perfect wisdom about our thoughts towards others, no matter how close they are to us or just aquaintence or even our stranger fellow man. His concern is with One on One. Our Lord, personally knowing us and keeping us accountable to Him first then Him keeping our actions accountable to others through Him. Work Ethic… Character Ethic. If we think it’s all about salvation….we’ve got it all wrong on all accounts. IT’S working out that salvation in fear and trembling. In ourselves, our character, accountability and responsibility. All this has made me happy, because it is making me whole. 

I’m very excited about my future, our future-My family and my friends. Because we are getting it, we are growing, we are changing, we are living more and living in grace more! We are enjoying new Mercies every morning and peaceful evenings. Because-


Careful Conviction

Depending on your understanding of this word is the preconceived idea that hearing this word brings up within you. There are three definitions of conviction.

– the act or process of finding a person guilty of a crime-especially in the court of law.

– the act of convincing a person of error or of the compelling admission of truth.

– a strong persuasion or belief. The state of being convinced.

One must know something to be Truth or it be true to them according to their perspective and how they view it. Perspective depends on our past experiences and what we have been exposed to in the environment in which we live. Who we are has everything to do with where you’re from and WHO was the influencial factor in your life. 

Conviction in our own life is a fuel to our purpose. We must believe in what we are called to do. Conviction brings clarity to our plans. It causes us to make a stand for what is right. Without it, life seems dull and meaningless. Conviction eliminates mediocrity and removes passivity. It propels you in a positive direction by perfecting your purpose and defining what you do not want to return back to. It clear cuts point “A” to point “B” in your life.

Without a revelation of WHO God is and Who He says you are, your convictions are self- motivated and autonomous. Living unto yourself and by yourself. This is only effective if you live alone. We are made to love  God and love one-another. As much as it seems simple to just be alone. We are never alone because God is always present with us. A conviction of THAT truth is the beginning of the purpose we are called to fulfill in this life. We are to show cooperation with God in surrender to His Master Plan for us and grow in relationship with Him. So we can function with others. This means we must have a conviction of our sin against His Truth in our lives. Without a conviction of our wrongs in His sight, we will not submit to His Rights. Without confession of our sinfulness, we won’t grow in holiness. Without holiness, no one sees the Lord. It’s all religious rigor. Conviction is purposed for relationship. So CONVICTION of our own sin ( not someone elses) becomes equal to our process of progress in life as our Convictions to live for and die for.

We are supposed to have a stong conviction for the things we LOVE. We will protect, nurture and treasure that which we LOVE. We will have a Warrior Spirit to fight for which we possess as OUR OWN. We will fight for people, for land and for purpose if we have strong conviction for it. Let’s balance that with an attitude of  purity in His sight by receiving the conviction of the Holy Spirit in our life to keep in right standing with Truth at all times. AMEN? Amen.

Kingdom Rules

Isn’t it a wonderful thing for your way in life to become straight?  A straight path takes less time, less effort,  less energy spent and allows you to go farther. That’s what the Way of God does for you. That word in hebrew is Yasher. It means STRAIGHT. You walk with God in a single aim, single motive, single goal and single heart. You eliminate distractions, your words line up with actions and you walk straight.  Yasher means good, upright, pleasant and prosperous. Blessings are the result of such action. It begins with a decision. It begins in a season. Such a season in Now. Today. This is the 1st of Adar 5777 on the Hebrew Calender. 

This season is a celebration of the joy of deliverance and Renewal in that JOY. It is a time of increase of joyful happiness and gratefulness and precedes Passover. This is the LAST month on the hebrew calender,  the season of Purim which is strength and power. Jesus- The Messiah- Yeshua…celebrated this-Thus we as Christians should be more familiar with His ways than the ways of pagans. Jesus came to show us this Straight Way and He is Teacher to Escort us into the Kingdom of God!  In this season we would be good to remind self of what the King mandates as His Rule in our life.

When we think of Kingdom, we think King, Authority, Dominion, Power and Rule. There is a protocol of the Kingdom and a submission to the King that many in the Kingdom of Christianity are missing- but let’s not miss a thing. Especially an important thing. The King RULES. And the subjects of the King are to display the manners of the Court. Many times- We want the inheritance without the obedience, without the honor, without the submission, without the Fear of the Lord. But it only comes in proper protocol. That protocol is clearly outlined and defined in the annointed Word of God. Let’s be sure be adhere to His Kingdom Rule.

Your throne, O God, is forever and ever. A septer of righteousness is the septer of Your Kingdom. ( Ps. 45:6) …and in the days of these kings the God of Heaven will set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed,  and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever. (Dan. 2: 44)
So what shall we do? – AND this gospel of the Kingdom will be preached  in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. (Matt. 24:14)…..preaching the kingdom of God and teaching the things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ with all confidence….. ( Acts 28:31)

Is there any question of the straight way?  Luke 9:1-2 says- He gave them ALL power and Authority over demons and to cure diseases and to preach  The kingdom of God and to heal the sick. That privileged authority comes with great responsibility.

The Kingdom of God is like- a mustard seed. This is portrayed and explained in three gospels- Matt. 13:32, Mark 4:30, Luke 13:18.  WHEN He speaks something 3 times…. I’d say He wants to nail the issue in. A mustard seed of Faith is small. It contains All that the tree will need to grow and produce. Should we not be concerned with whatever “seed” He placed within us to grow? That it will not grow to accomplish exactly THAT which it was planted within us to do? The size doesn’t matter. The care of it after it is planted DOES matter!  The DNA is there. It Will produce His Will.

“His Kingdom Come, His Will be done.” It’s prayed, it’s sung, it’s written, it’s recited. But Do you believe it will? 

..” on earth as it is in heaven.”  (Matt.6:10)… the Lord heard our prayers, He hears our prayer. Do you believe in heaven? Do you believe God has a WILL for this earth, for His Church, For You? FOR US?  HE wants to know that YOU believe it!

Now since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken,  let us have grace by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. FOR our God is a consuming fire. ( Heb. 12 :28-29)…. Are you willing to receive His Fire?

We are to single out our vision on THIS BUT seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things ( the provision that you need and want) shall be added to you. ( Matt. 6:33) and THEN we will BE the Ones He wants us to BE- “The Kingdom of  God does not come with observation; nor will they say, “See here!”..or “See there!” For indeed, the kingdom of God is within YOU.” ( Luke 17:20-21)

To receive Kingdom Rule in your life begins……with this understanding. The Purpose of God  in Man is not possible in Man himself, but in the God Who is his Creator. And He means to fulfill His purpose to Make US ONE, even as He and the Father are ONE. (John17:21-23) This means His Rule. The Truth. In US. May it be so. AMEN.

What I’ve been laying out is a spiritual truth for a natural manifestation. We are physical bodies that can only relate to  what we DO and SAY and Believe. 

This is an important TIME to observe and understand. If you are sensing a time of Renewal in your house, your physical body, your job, your surroundings, your perspective, you aren’t alone. It’s THAT season. It is a WHAT He is doing. We must “know” to Become.  It begins with the inside and us personally and extends outward from there.  These Snow drops ( bulbs pictured) are like the “mustard seed” of the Spring. PURE & WHITE…..little sweet beginnings that  faithfully appear before the rest of the blooms yet to come. They are the hope of Renewal. We are the sons and daughters of the Most High- Our Good, Good Father. He holds our future in His hand. But He gives us authority and power to live in a Kingdom Realm  with Him. DOING THE WORKS OF HIS WILL ON THIS EARTH. Are we up to the task, the privilege, the reponsibilily. This is not a trial run. This is Life. Time is short. The Time is NOW.  His Will be done. Here. In This place. In this Nation. In us. Or else- It’s wasted Inheritance. His Strength and Power is with us….and IN us.  Selah. 


Like Apples of Gold

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver. ~ Prov. 25: 11

What we speak has everything to do with who we are, what we feel and how we relate to one another and our perspective on everything and everyone. Your words become your reality. Not only eventually but presently. Your mind and thoughts will line up with your words. Attitude is the emotions and feelings behind what you say. Many times your words might be right but the attitude wrong and that makes it all together wrong. So heart health has everything to do with right words with the right heart and the right attitude. It’s all a matter of heart condition. When our heart is right with God He makes sure our heart gets right with others. It’s not enough that He continually pricks and tugs and pulls on our heart about everything until we learn to love Him, He continues until we love others like He loves them. Our words reflect either that Love or the lack of it. Our heart without the regeneration of His Spirit is wicked. A good person is only good because Love lives inside of him and the measure of Love within… the measure of the Spirit of God that he holds within. With the deposit of the Holy Spirit comes many needed gifts. One such gift is the discerning of spirits and the gift of prophetic utterance to encourage and exhort and comfort people with the truth of God’s word.

Nobody loves like Jesus, nobody knows the heart as well as Jesus and nobody knows your thoughts and even intents of the heart like Jesus know you. Sometimes we don’t even know our own heart, but Jesus does. That’s why this gift is so important for EACH believer to possess and activate and facilitate. What Father would deny when a child holds out his hand and asks for it? That’s why in the Bible it says- Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy. ~ 1Cor. 14:1

This gift is the manifestation of the Spirit of God and calling forth words from the Holy Spirit and not the intellect. It is supernatural revelation of the plans and purposes of God for a person to gain insite, wisdom, direction, understanding and faith for them to continue to go forward in life. It is like water to the soul. I know there have been times in my life that I’ve been to a place of saying- I don’t know WHAT to DO! …and as a Lifesaver His Word has come telling me JUST what I need to do! 

A prideful heart that already knows all the answers will not be accepting of this treasure and gift of gold. The greatest regret of an individual will always be those that have no need for God. So He is the One who tills the soil of the heart until it is ready to receive seed. And not one moment before will it take hold of that which is given. 

God’s Wisdom in a life sometimes comes at a time when a warning to watch for evil plans that the enemy has set out for us. Wisdom works interactively with knowledge and discernment. Example – “Don’t do that. Don’t go that way, DON’T Say that, Wait! GO NOW! ” If we are listening, God will speak. If not to us. Through someone else to us. Thank the Lord for His watchcare  over us!

These supernatural WORDS are signposts in our lives. They are living, directing words that we GROW into. Some words take years and even decades to fulfill. Some words are a lifetime, but if God said it- IT will BE.

…a word “fitly” spoken…..God knows when the timing is right for a word to be released. A right word at the wrong time is still wrong. Speak only what the Father says, when He says it, to whom He speaks it and with the same heart that He gives it. Let’s love on one another.  Amen? AMEN.

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Protection Preservation Inheritance 

“Thus says the Lord to His anointed, To Cyrus, whose right hand I have held- To subdue nations before him and loose the armor of kings, To open before him the double doors, so that the gates will not be shut.” … ( Isaiah 45:1)

And I will walk at liberty, for I seek thy precepts. ( Psalm 119:45)

Forty-five is the number for inheritance. Perfect timing in all things. 2017 will be a year of Victory, but not without battle. There are four parings that will be our “inheritance” when we seek and receive that which the Lord has promised.

Truth & Righteousness

Healing & Restoration 

Revival & Regeneration

Inheritance & Remembrance

A posterity shall serve Him. It shall be recounted of the Lord to the next generation, they will come and declare His righteousness to a people who will be born, that He has done THIS- Ps. 22:30-31

The next eight years will surely be a New Beginning for the Nation of the United States of America. What the Lord has begun is a work that He will be faithful to continue and see through. His people will be heard and His Truth will unite divisions. He does not make mistakes. He knows the beginning from the END. HIS Kingdom will rule.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.  The people He has chosen as His own inheritance. – Ps. 33:12

“This is the worst of times and it is the best of times.” …is the most accurate discription of our time in history. It may continue to be described in this way. But we must have eyes to see and ears to hear the spiritual perspective of HOW it appears to our Father. Things may get worse before we see the better. But our Eyes are upon Him who will be our guide, our leader, our protector, our strength and our KING. We are America. We are a Judeo-Christian Nation whose God is the Lord. We are now on tract. We are now positioned for our future and we must be alert and ready for advancement. EVERYONE must take their place and contend for every step forward, for the Lord is with us. GOD’S will for the earth takes place by Spiritual Birth…. it is brought forth by-

 Intimacy->pregnancy-> travail-> birth.WILL YOU CARRY HIS PURPOSES?

There is no longer time for Tradition, Religion, Pride, Prejudice, Pretense, Idolatry and Idleness. Our window of opportunity to Return and Remember who we are and WHO HE IS will be numbered in days. It is up to us, not Him. What will we do? I sure hope that we walk in wisdom and redeem the time for the days are evil.

  I hope we throw off any distractions from the intimacy with the Lord that we must have to know Him, to hear Him and to see His perspective in our own lives and the world around us. Our ability to discern what is false and what is True will be the most positive attribute that we can seek and know. Once you See His Hand at work may your loyalty be Faithful and Fierce to Your King. For our End is Victorious and is so much better than the beginning. HE IS looking for those who will be loyal and true. The question is- Will YOU?

..and we know that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, that we may know Him who is true; and we are in Him who is true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and eternal Life. ( 1 John 5:20)

45 on this list is Provision- Protection- Preservation. …which to me is the sum of Inheritance. We pray for these things, as we are are Co-heirs with Christ….. in Him we have them all- and MORE!

Friend or Foe

You’d think that when two people decide to marry that their relationship began with friendship and has come to a decision of a lifelong commitment to one another. Not so with many people these days. It doesn’t take very long living together before your friend seems more like a foe. Why is it so difficult? Each couple would have a different answer to that. Each individual in each couple would have a different answer to that. We faced more than a few years of difficult questions and answers, trials and tears. But there’s one verse in the Bible that is the key to the Truth. That’s right- one verse, nine words.

This I command you, that you love one another. ~ John 15:17

I’ll bet you skimmed right quickly through it! Yet it is THE MOST difficult and profound comprehension to actually accomplish the task. People are a problem, pain is a problem, pride is a problem, guilt, shame and sin are a problem. The command to LOVE is an impossibility without the Spirit of Truth and Love indwelling in us to do this thing called LOVE! I mention above the key (access to something) The first phrase is acually the key- This I command you. Who is doing the talking here? These are ‘Words in Red’. These are The Word speaking The Truth sharing The Life and The Way. If one hasn’t submitted to His Will and His authority then they won’t take a command from Him or anybody. This is primary, this is first, this is the answer.

Friendship with each other in any relationship takes many winding roads and different seasons in life. The commonalities may be what first brought you together but it is the differences that keep you together. We have had much  council and learning experiences that have made us a word of wisdom to many but I’ve just read ten pages in Bill Hybels book- Honest to God–that could have saved many times of struggle in our past.  I’ve read many a book on “love languages”. They all bear repeating. We need lots of reminding. Because our differences need to eventually become our strengths. Love takes time to be strong.

Sharing this out of his book of practical steps to nurture one another. We should study our mate. But instead we tend to have the tests of life to continually teach us by our learning experiences whether we decide to study or not! 

Growth occurs when the challenge of our fudamental differences are acknowledged  and served with love one to another. So love really is not a feeling but what we DO.

Extrovert/Introvert, Intuitive/Sensing, Thinkers/Feelers, Structured/Unstructured- No one is right or wrong in these categories, just different. We are inborn with these preferences and many times we could not even stand to live with someone just like us so we choose the opposite and then think they are impossible! Regarding relational patterns,  problem solving, decision making and the giving and receiving of love….we differ.

Touch- some people just naturally touch the people they love. They hug, they kiss, they pat and stroke lovingly on the arm or leg when they are expressing love.

Verbal expression- when these people feel love they speak it. They are expressive with their words how much they love you.

Service- for these people love is given by doing acts of service for you. They demonstrate their love and want you to demonstrate back to them to feel the same love towards them.

Providers- These people consider their ability to provide the means to live- money and the essentials to be well-provided for their act of love towards their beloved.

Gift-givers-These people love to buy gifts, big and small to their loved ones and are excited to present them with this gift. They love the element of surprise for themselves as receiving gifts as well!

Opportunity enthusiasts- These people like to think of ways to inspire and challenge loved ones to greatness. Their goal is to open up opportunities that will offer stimulation and fulfillment.

Time-givers- These people are primarily  concerned with fellowship. They are willing to re-arrange schedules so they can offer large blocks of time to the significant people in their lives!

That concludes the list in the book. I think it is a wonderful tool for reminding us to know one another and speak their language. Communication is only as helpful to a person if you understand what they speak. Love speaks a thousand words when heard in a language that is deeply tied to your emotional and psychological realities.

Wow, we are all different. Even in one family, we vary in our language of LOVE. But lets live to be Lovers that speak not only our language but how the other will understand and feel loved. That’s when we hit the mark. That’s when we use the key to open the heart. It is a good thing we have a lifetime to learn to love because when we breathe our last- the only question we will be asked is….”Did you learn to Love?” 

Today is the 17th…Victory Day! And our actual 30th anniversary date. We celebrated a few days early. I think we’ve passed a milestone. I know this for sure. All instruction and help is good because it never gets easier, we just get better at it! 

Hope that we all keep Love at our forefront as Valentines Day approaches next month. Let’s learn to LOVE as we are commanded to DO.

 Blessings follow obedience. I Love You.

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Honestly speaking

Tell the Truth. This is our first lesson. The first one that MAN had to answer to God about too. “Who told you that it was good to eat?” Then the blaming commences! True authentic relationships  require honesty. Honest people must know the truth, hear the truth and Speak the truth. Trouble is that human nature would rather keep peace, hide behind the truth than to face consequences. Truth hurts. When God reveals it or when we “see” it in ourselves or another person is the truth-bearer. Truth is not relative. Truth is absolute. Yet, we are in a life-long venture to know it. Most of us will do anything to avoid conflict at all cost.

Maturity in Christ, Who is Truth takes a lifelong commitment to live and walk in Truth. We can’t live in Truth with God and live in a lie with others. Yet, truth within causes us to examine our heart, our motives, our beliefs about self and that can be something we’d rather not face. Truth with others reveals hurt feelings, misunderstandings, irreconcilable differences at times. Counterfeit peace is silence at the cost of -“Don’t rock the boat and don’t disturb the peace.” We choose this because we know from past experience  what the outcome will be. Conflict. That’s not pretty and that’s not nice. But guess what- That’s wrong. It even hurts me to say it. Avoiding conflict is wrong. Because it is not Truth and it does not keep us accountable. I don’t thrive on this. I don’t even like it. But it is necessary.

I’ll tell you what is worse. The consequences  of suppressing truth, hiding truth, ignoring issues, backing away and keeping peace at all cost. Truth prevails, truth eventually surfaces. Truth will find you. Everytime. And when it does Love finds you and Peace follows. We need to hear hard words of truth, from the One who loves us eternally and completely. Then we will more accurately KNOW the Truth to set us free so we can Tell the Truth. Truth-telling is based on Truth-hearing. Only then can we arrive at Peace-keeping. 

Any relationship built on anything less than the truth is destined for disaster. Truth takes courage. Truth takes criticism. Truth takes patience and process. Truth takes speaking it in LOVE. Truth takes being honest to God and honoring His honesty with yourself…..and trusting in His Goodness. Let’s do business with the Lord today…..and keep it honest.