In His Name

SAY to the Israelites, ‘You must observe My Sabbaths. This will be a sign between Me and you for the generations to come, so you may know that I am the Lord, WHO makes you HOLY.’~ Ex. 31:13

This is what this season is all about. Repentance and Returning back to God to Get in Right standing with Him. Sin separates us from Him- repentance restores that which sin has stolen from us. Holiness is His work that begins with OUR first step. What wonderful names He reveals of His Nature and Character in the WORD of God. Here they are for your reference and prayer focus this New Season and Fresh new Hebrew year of 5778…the 1st of Tishrei. (Sept.21,2017)

Jehovah- Ga’ah- My Redeemer- Is. 48:17, Is. 63:16

Jehovah-Shalom-The Lord is Peace Judges 6:24

Jehovah-Bore- The Lord is Creator Is.40:28

Jehovah-Jireh- The Lord is Provider Gen.22:14

Jehovah-Raah- The Lord is my Shepherd Ps. 23:1

Jehovah-Rapha-The Lord Who Heals Ex.15:26

Jehovah-Shaphat the Lord is Judge Ps.50:6, Deut. 32:36

Jehovah Ori-The Lord is my Light-Ps.27:1

Jehovah Nissi-My Banner-Ex.17:15 Is.5:26

Jehovah Shammah-The Lord is There Salvation Ex.48:35

Jehovah Tsidkenu- Our Righteousness Jer. 23:5-6

Jehovah-Self Existent One -Ex.3:13-15

THE Lord of Hosts-Is.3:1, Jer. 50:34

EL Elyon-The Most High-Ps.7:17

El Shaddai-The Almighty- Gen.17:1

El Shimcha Giyl-God My exceeding JOY Ps.21:6

Melek Kabowd-King of Glory-Ps.24:8

ELOHIM- Creator- Ps.90:2

Adonai-Lord -Master-Ex.20:2

Messiah-Mashiach-Anointed One-Christ-Daniel 9:25

Yeshua -Jesus-HE SHALL SAVE -Matt.1:21


Connect2cruise 2017

If you want a “reset” button to push on your life- go on a cruise. The return trip yesterday was the only choppy water day. We are rested, renewed and ready to proceed with “The rest of the story”. We booked this trip early Feb. as a 30th Anniversary to celebrate along with Connie & Dewayne Griffie as they were celebrating their 24th anniversary. We had a great time- friends making lifelong memories. The three stops were Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel on the Carnival Freedom ship.

I will say this about Carnival as a company- they train their employees in customer satisfaction, accommodation and service with a smile. Every single person you pass has eye contact with you and a smile with a kind greeting. It really makes the atmosphere nice. Of course I enjoyed the formal dining..each nightime and the shows afterward. The little special touches of the white linens, stemmed glasses and good service not to mention the entertaining dancing and singing in the dining room are just FUN to me. There are over 15 different countries that their employees come from and it is interesting to see where they are from and ask questions about their country and customs and cuisine. I’ve had prime rib, Mahi mahi, tiliapi, shrimp, chicken, turkey and every imaginable good salad and unique soups and dessert with  coffee…in a cup and sauser (not mug).

I know, I know- to some people those things don’t matter a bit. But to me fine dining does. The first day of vacation  I found my routine. Some people love to go about the day with NO plans and just float about but I like to impliment a plan and there are many options on a ship. I found my spots of no crowds and no people. The fitness room was so beautiful! Steam room whirlpool and sauna are thing I really enjoy daily so WHAT better thing to relax than to work up at least a 30-40 min sweat before those little rewards. So at first, I did an “ab” class after the stretching class at 7am the was fun but the next morning- I couldn’t raise off the bed and had to roll over until feet hit the floor! The following days I chose 4pm for the gym because it was not busy at that time of day. A little pre-core and bike cardio was just enough for me to get to the good stuff- whirlpool. The view on the machines were at the top and front of the boat looking over the seas…was so nice. And the early morning with coffee time I spent looking  out the Back of the ship as the sun was rising over the horizon.

We took in all the sights and shops at the islands but we did not do excursions. Our choice again but that is what vacation is all about right? And in the afternoon got some naps in too!! I enjoyed my first art auction where we were served glasses of champagne even if we didn’t bid. THOSE things are expensive!! I had no idea! But I got to see many paintings by Thomas Kincade and hear his biography of how his art career began. Love his work! We don’t ever need to see Jamaica or Mexico again…it’s pretty but the best place we would Fly to and visit again is Grand Cayman. Very impressed with it all. The people- the government- the surroundings- the land-the culture. I’d repeat that one. Every day was beautiful and each night the Comedy club acts were so good. Laughter and fun kind of go together and we had plenty of that! 30 years together for us and 24 for them- we are all hard workers and that week was well-deserved and well- enjoyed! 

We re-connected with one-another away from the every day Life…and that’s good.

Act like Him (9)

Rm.12:20… if your enemy is hungry feed him, if he is thirsty give him drink…by doing so you will heap burning coals upon his head. 21- Do not be overcome with evil but overcome evil by doing good. This concludes the Ch.12 review and I think is the “conclusion of the whole matter” of ACT like Him. This is not only the directive we have to stay at peace in this life- it is our mandate as Christian Believers. Easy? Absolutely not. Possible? Yes- and in Christ probable. The very reason He came was to defeat the works of the devil! Through US. Not just so we can go to heaven. We must not be weary of doing good. Things will continue to get worse. But we will continue to prevail. If we turn from our ways to His ways. We are given free will- not options. His way is clear. And if we choose not- that consequence is also clear. 

He’s a Good Good Father.  Good will win but evil will always try to defeat us. Be strong in the power of His ( the Lord’s) Might! Our Future depends on it!

Act like Him (8)

This is the portion of Scripture that first led me to chapter 12 of Romans. One little prase- “as much as depends on you”. Everyone would like to stay in peace. Peace is calm, comfortable  and feels nice and relaxing rest. Not really. Peace is a state of being that we must learn to develop within our mind even WHEN the circumstances storm around us. Peace is a Person. THAT is why this phrase before our mandate to – be at peace with others is stated in this order. Much- if not all of the conflict we are faced with in relationships are caused by offenses. Either we caused the other to be offended or their words or actions offended us. It may have been sin and WRONG that was committed. Evil is such a strong word that we all have preconceived ideas of what is evil and what is not evil- just another choice that someone has made. This is where the misconception and confusion of the enemy comes in and causes havoc in relationships. Many times the perpetrator doesn’t even know that there is an offense and if they do know, they don’t care. So how are we to respond to evil? First- as much as depends on YOU! Me- my heart is the first thing God deals with. The wounded victim mentally of. . ” Lord- Look what they did! To me.” Every mad and angry person has a root of an offense that caused their mind to close off and develop a painful, hurting hard heart of deep wounds. 

And Wounded People wound people.

The book- The Shack was written for this very purpose. To show how God dealt with a very offended heart because of pain and loss to find his way back to God. He was not only drowning in his own pain and grief but others were affected by his inability to heal and go forward on life. A father gets healed by the revelation of forgiveness and then the family gets breakthrough! Wonderful redemption story but not to be made into a theological TRUTH the way some are breaking the components of the movie down in critical review. The message is God will deal with us. Personally and Individually. 

The enemy will cause anything to get us to be angry and offended and then sin. Anything. He is looking to see WHAT that thing is. He steal, kills and destroys. We (our family) knows what it feels like for possessions to be stolen. And to know WHO did it. You talk about offended! We wanted to take to law into our own hands and get back the valuable tools, guns, bows, jewelry ( no cash because we have none) that were taken from our home and do harm to the person who took them. For a long time the feeling of revenge left a bitter taste in us that was not an easy thing to get over! It was ours. It’s gone. They took it, sold it and no recompense was given. So we had no choice but to LET GO of the vengeance! There’s no peace as long as you hold in to it! It happened two years ago about this season and just now can we really say it is in the past!

So this can also happen with a person’s emotional life. Someone has wounded you by a legit wrong. Stolen a part of your trust, your love or your heart. Then in order for you not to have that kind of pain and hurt again you just decide that you won’t ever “feel” that deeply again. You close it off from caring and loving.Your FENCE is up. Your offense is built up inside of you because you want to protect yourself from EVER getting hurt like that again. You can go on like this. No one sees. You function in life like the rest of the people. You’re under cover. But God knows why you won’t or can’t let go of the pain of rejection, abandonment, pride, selfishness and addictive tendencies. He also knows that you cannot progress in your life or WITH HIM until You deal with this pain of offense with HIM. 

“As much as depends on you”- it all depends on you. Anything that matters and results in your peace or the lack thereof. You see- others actions or reactions have to do with THEIR relationship to GOD and Yours depends on Your relationship to GOD. You will never have it right between others, if it is wrong between you and The Father. 

Two wrongs don’t make a RIGHT. That’s what Repaying evil for evil is. Two wrongs. I am responsible for my wrong. And the rest……God will deal with that in His own TIME. But it will be dealt with. He is a Just One. ACT like Him and learn to live in peace with God…..then you will overcome to be at peace with all others.

ACT like Him ( 7)

Live in harmony with with one another; do not be haughty ( snobbish, high-minded, exclusive), but readily adjust yourself to (people, things) and give yourselves to humble tasks. Never overestimate yourself to be wise in your own conceits. ~ Romans 12:16 Amp.

I don’t know of anything more that can be said of having the character of Christ than this. To act as if you know it all or condescending towards others is one way to live a life very alone. No one wants a friend that they feel inferior around. That’s not friendship at all. No one wants a boss that throws authority around like a dominant gorilla. A leader that is true works along side you doing by example and giving positive affirmation to his employees. Long story short. A person so full of pride and filled with self wears you out to be around them so you begin to avoid them. Be humble & kind. God will prosper that person. That’s about all that is needed.

Act like Him (6)

PERSECUTE- hostility or ill-treatment especially because of religious or political beliefs or race…. to harass, badger, bully or terrorize. Well, that certainly clears up some misconception about the “little” things we might call persecution. Sometimes we are faced with mindsets that simply disagree with us and we call it persecution. We have no idea what people in other countries endure for the gospel sake!  At the least we should bless others if we indeed want to receive blessings from God. But He takes it to the heavenly level here doesn’t He? Those we disagree with, those we loathe, those we can’t stand to even KNOW of their existence. Listen, a heart can NOT fool the Almighty God. He knows what we THINK, even when we do not speak our thoughts and let every body and their brother know what we are thinking! He says- BLESS THEM!

Another reason why we need the power of the Holy Spirit to do what we can NOT do! It’s one of those things where you heard the Voice of the Lord and you say- “I know I just didn’t hear YOU say THAT!” It’s those things that you can just about be sure that- He did say it. Follow Him in His leading to bless. He has wild ideas…and your obedience can open up abundance on your behalf!

Vs. 15- Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. This is totally the compassionate character of acting like Him. He is acquainted with ALL of our emotions, our thoughts, our words and actions. We can never say to Him- But, You don’t know how I feel. To that He would only respond- REALLY? Our compassion to “Be” where others are when they are there is a Godly attribute that equates Friendship and could be the most important thing that we GIVE to others in this lifetime. 

I’d like to see on my epitaph- She was a friend.

Act like Him (5)

That’s one thing certain about a Christian Life- it is not immune to troubles. The rain falls on the just and the unjust equally. Difference is- we know Who to call on, lean on, rely on and pray to!  Every age and stage we must learn how to keep on keepin’ on. The answer is prayer. When we really know He hears and He cares and He will move on our behalf. Many would rather just ask others to pray when times are bad instead of getting down in the barracks of intercession to pray to pull heaven down on their own behalf. I’ve been there. I once didn’t have the faith to believe my prayers were enough. But now- I believe. I pray. I know. He is faithful. One version says pray without ceasing. Sounds a bit more committed to me than “continually” for some reason. But just pray- all the time. That should get it! And in the meantime, GIVE….of your time, your gifts, your money, your possessions and your prayers to others. That’s being hospitable. Giving what is needed, free. Notice it says- to the people of God… all giving is good but when you know your “brother” is I need- take care of your own. Their need is your opportunity., more accurately translated is your responsibility because the Word doesn’t say- If you feel like it. 

How do we even find Hope when times are bad…..much less be Joyful in Hope? That secret is found in abiding in the safe haven of the protection of His Wings….Psalm 91. Knowing that He is over you in the midst of trouble and will be with you through it all. In His presence is the fullness of JOY whether times are good or bad. HE makes it well with my soul. Oh, How I Love Jesus!